We explain jumps in asset prices.

Promoting financial literacy and awareness for event risk by combining quantitative data with qualitative news.


RISKLIO utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence to explain anomalies in financial asset prices with relevant news information.

We provide innovative data analytics products for
  • Professional Financial and Market Risk Managers
  • Asset and portfolio Managers
  • Traders
  • Retail Investors
  • Newspapers/News vendors


RISKLIO uses quantitative finance methodology and machine learning to locate relevant financial market events and identify the underlying causes

Unlocking the hidden relevance of financial events

Analysts scan incoming newswire information and provide buy or sell recommendations. They base their recommendations for action on their experience with similar past events. RISKLIO identified similarities within insurance mathematics and ratemaking. Utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence allows RISKLIO to provide new insight into general market sentiment.

Extending your Risk and Investment Toolkit

Our direct data API provides relevant information on financial market events. Analyse the real benefit or cost of financial events on your porfolio, measured by real cents on invested Dollars.

Rethinking Data Visualisation

Knowing what event happened when allows to rethink the workhorse of financial data visualisation - the stockchart. RISKLIO provides innovative interactive chart annotations, integrating quantitative information with underlying explanations.

Unlocking hidden News Information

Insurance mathematicians know: "history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes". RISKLIO provides interested readers with new ways to find relevant information deeply hidden in news archives.

Public API

API image

We decided to make some of our services freely available to the public. Find more information and the documentation under the following link. If you need further support feel free to contact us.

AI powered low latency News Analytics

Gain insights from news before everybody else does.


RISKLIO data products combine subject-matter, technical and technological expertise

We are fully committed to providing you with the best Data Quality and therefore placed transparency and tracability at the very heart of our models. We do not believe that successfull Machine Learning has to occur inside a Black Box.
With us you invest in data products where you can gain deep-insight into every process step.

Currencies and Commodities

Understand the impact of market events on currency and commodity prices, especially in times of political uncertainty.

Financial asset data

RISKLIO models originate from academic equity research and are based on deep expertise.


Cryptocurrencies are especially affected unexpected events. That is what we love about them.

Artifical Intelligence

In order to "expect the unexpected" our Artificial Intelligence model is built on the paradigm let the data speak for itself - not the model.

Quantitative Methods

Our cutting-edge approach to leverage actuarial mathematics is ongoing quantitative research.

Natural Language Processing

We do not like fake news and continuously work and research on how to improve existing NLP methods.

Tech- and Research Partners

We provide innovation together with tech companies and academic institutions

We believe in creating value, and they believe in us.

Google Cloud Platform
IBM Watson
Amazon Web Services
Neo4j Startup Program
LMU München
LMU Entrepreneurship Center
TechQuartier Frankfurt


There are currently three founders, who passionately make RISKLIO happen.

Dr. Stephan Werner


Linus Kohl
Linus Kohl


Matthias Weiß


Klaus Roßmann



  • Viva Technology, Paris 16.-18.05.2019


  • Leading Entrepreneurs 25.05.2019


  • Landing Festival 03.-04.4.2019


  • DATAfestival 2019 20.03.2019

    Know your jump – Uniting NLP and quantitative financial analytics to explain jumps in asset prices

  • API Release 10.03.2019

    Release of parts of the API for free.

  • Keynote on AI in Finance 24.01.2019

    Joint Meetup AI & Data Science in Finance Vol. 2.

  • Visa Market Development Group Meeting 10.12.2018

    Introduced how event-based NLP modelling can promote insights into transaction data.

  • Growth Alliance FinTech AI 26.-28.11.2018

    Presented to a selection of financial service providers.

  • Munich Re Datathon 23.-25.11.2018

    Provided a different angle for analysing 3D pointclouds (hint: vectors!) to Welthungerhilfe.

  • Worldsummit.ai 10.10.2018

    Onstage with Rockstart at worldsummit.ai

  • How to start up with AI 23.05.2018

    Guest Lecture Management & Innovative Value Creation Concepts University Marburg.

Do you need a custom solution?

RISKLIO drives innovation. We are always interested in new use cases for our data products and happy to discuss bespoke solutions matching your particular business requirements.


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